Superhero Movie Statistics

December 30, 2011 |  by  |  Movies

Superhero movies seem to dominate the box offices of theaters lately. Every summer a new hero or a reboot of a superhero takes the headlines and movie-goers come in droves to see their comic book hero on the big screen. This superhero infographic provides some statistics on those superhero, comic book movies – from Superman to The Dark Night and every Spider-man made so far. So put on your cape, and fly through this infographic.


Some cool superhero movie trivia is also available in this comic book movie infographics, such as Michael Jackson was asked to perform songs for the 1989 Batman movie and the biggest superhero movie bomb so far was the The Punisher (1989)  followed by Punisher: War Zone and The Punisher (2004) again. Give it up Marvel Comics, we don’t like the Punisher. We do live Marvel Dogs though.