Social Media Infographic Primer

February 21, 2012 |  by  |  Funny, Internet

Social media is one of the top buzzwords of today’s Internet vocabulary. Everyone is talking about. Experts in the field of SEO and Internet marketing say we need it. But what the heck does Bob Ross think about it, or more to the point, paint about it? This very clever and funny infographic will tell you just that. This infographic primer on social media includes some creatively written descriptions about the most important social media websites in 2012, such as Facebook, digg, Reddit, Twitter and well as some comical paintings showing some of the failing social network websites like, Buzz from Google, and soon to be wasteland, StumbleUpon. Oh, SU, how you have disappointed me.


Looking ahead is often the task of a crystal ball, but these social network paintings seem to be doing a good job too. So speaks the palette!