Plumbing the Market for Plumbers

January 30, 2012 |  by  |  Business


A new infographic released by Yell’s web design team, encourages plumbers to utilise internet marketing to boost their business.

Stop the leak, the graphic, highlights a number of opportunities plumbers can act upon to market themselves online and gain more customers. Furthermore, the graphic outlines how a company may miss out on an active customer base if they do not adapt their marketing plans to involve online.

There are 823,000 searches for the keyword ‘plumbers’ in the UK, every month, according to Google statistics. Therefore, having no online visibility could result in a great loss of customers!

Highlighted in Yell’s infographic is the fact that many ‘plumber’ searches are location-specific; there are an almighty 40,500* searches made for ‘London plumber’ terms each month, with other cities following suit.

Many plumbers are still attached to traditional marketing methods,  and traditional channels such as word of mouth are often still favoured over an online presence***. These traditional-minded businesses fall into the 54% of small enterprises that do not have a website****.

Online channels including e-mail, web content and advertising are just a few of the channels Yell’s infographic highlights as being available for plumbers. is aimed at giving free advice and information to small and medium sized businesses, on how to market their businesses online. Yell has built more than 600 websites for plumbers and is an expert in immersing SMEs into the online world.

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