Other Infographic Sites

Do you have a blog or website that focuses on infographics or data visualization? If so please submit it to bigoakshell [at] gmail.com with a short description. We request that you provide a link back to Infographic Inspiration in return. (Suggested link: <a href=”http://www.infographicsinspiration.com”>Infographics Inspiration</a>: Provides weekly updated infographic inspiration for designers and researchers to create clever and informational graphics for the masses.

Here are some sites that provide information information for infographic enthusiasts, including how-to articles and galleries as well as resources. All in all a good place to start if you are interested in infographics and the graphical display of information.

Infographics Showcase displays a large amount of infographics not found in large numbers on the Internet and they give honest reviews of all infographic submissions, good or bad.

Cool Infographics is an awesome blog that chronicles infographics and data visualizations all over the web. They cover almost every topic you could think of. Posts are tagged to make it easier to find the specific kinds of graphics you’re looking for.

Fast Company – Infographics are both topical and creative. The publication focuses on mainly business-related graphics and are usually less complicated and geared more towards casual data visualization. Think of it as comfort food in the form of infographics.

Infographicpics – Add new infographics daily with a large format and a little commentary.

Wall Stats includes original infographics depicting discretionary spending in the United States. The graphics are also available in poster form. They also provide coverage of other infographics about political and economic topics.

Visual Complexity – This site showcases infographics and data visualizations collecting a wide variety of sources and has nearly 700 projects included. Graphics are categorized to make finding specific projects easier and plenty of information is included about each image.

Data Mining is a blog that covers data visualization, social media and data mining. They aggregate tons of infographics other sites, including National Geographic and The Economist.

Infographics News is dedicated primarily to news infographics. They also cover news related to data visualization and unusual infographics.

Information Aesthetics is a blog that details beautiful infographics and data visualizations fr0m all over the web. Graphics featured include political, financial and economic, and other visualizations, dating as far back as December 2004.

Chinfographics.com makes beautiful infographics to show big and amazing changes and emerging needs on the Chinese market.  With the data collected fr0m China, the sites wants to show you how fast the development is going and the power behind it.

History Shots is a commercial site that sells infographic and visualization products (posters, notecards, etc.) for a variety of topics. Most of their images focus on historic events, time periods and subjects and you can browse based on political, military, sports, or general graphics. It’s an incredibly interesting site and you can zoom into the graphics shown to read them onscreen.

Flowing Data offers up some amazing infographics and visualizations, with their own dedicated category. They’ve covered the best beer in the U.S., wine personality profiles, the Kennedy family tree, and the religious geography of the United States, among tons of other awesome graphics.

Simple Complexity – This site showcases data visualizations that take complex data sets and display them in an easier-to-understand format that can help make sense of their true meaning. They showcase infographics fr0m all over the net, as well as posting some how-to articles on creating better infographics.

Travel Infographics- The first infographics site dedicated to travel. Our core belief is that that the best piece of information shouldn’t be not just textual but also visual.

Money Infographic- The webs first niche infographics site. This site is all about finance Our core belief is that that the best piece of information shouldn’t be not just textual but also visual.

Infographic.ca – We accept free submissions and provide free editorial reviews of all infographics. Our goal is to provide our users with interesting infographics from around the world, but we give priority to all Canadian related content. We also provide a link to the original source of the infographic.

Infographic Zone – A helpful source for marketing your infographics. Updated weekly, this site keeps the infographics coming and coming.