Nerd vs. Geek – Subculture Facts

January 4, 2012 |  by  |  Pop Culture

Nerd vs Geek, Geek vs Nerd? What about the dweebs, hipsters and spazzes of the world. Where is their infographic, when will hipsters feel safe to leave their coffee bars and bask in the noon day sun? When will dweebs leave their parents’ basements and shout they are people too? How about our friends the spazzes, will they ever stand up straight and be heard or will they be left behind the group of cool kids, plotting their revenge?

Aw, who cares, geeks and nerds rule or will rule the world when they get older so bow to them now while you still have a chance. Otherwise you will be working for them and they will remember you. Use this handy infographic to determine who are the geeks and who are the nerds and if you are lucky, maybe you are one yourself.



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