Infographic Submissions

Infographics Inspiration charges $100 for your infographic submission with two supporting links.

Let us publish your infographic at We will provide additional traffic, quality links and brand support for your business. We will write a brief description for your infographic or you can include your own original content. We will be happy to add it to our Infographic Twitter account and Facebook page. That gives you 3 mentions with social media support.

Why Pay for a Infographic Post?

Exposure for you infographic, website, and brand name. How much more do you want to be expose?  And the better news is this: your infographic will be on website with authority. You also don’t have to wait a month or keep emailing us to find out when/if we will post your infographic. You will know for sure: we post within 7 business days.

Submit Payment and Your Infographic Review is Ready in 7 Business Days

Use the convenient Pay Now button below and send your $100 review payment. Be sure to include your infographic location by submitting a link and provide us the texts and links you wish included into the paypal instuctions section. If your information does not fit in the instruction sections then please e-mail the information to and reference what e-mail you used to purchase the infographic. We will email you when the infographic review is online, usually within 7 business days after payment is sent.