How Healthy is Fast Food Happy Meal?

June 15, 2012 |  by  |  Food

Most of us have had a McDonald’s Happy Meal or bought one for a child smiling with delight before they devoured the burger, chicken nugget and/or delicious, crispy fries…sounds so yummy. And it is to many people, but we all know it isn’t the best meal for our bodies or especially young, growing bodies and minds. With obesity, diabetes and cases of depression levels at all-time highs, it doesn’t hurt to check the nutritional value and health values that these types of fast food meals contain. The infographic on fast food below tells a story that is hard to digest. Take a gander and think about the next time you are heading for the drive-thru ready to order you next fast food Happy Meal or Big Mac, maybe a salad would be better.


This infographic brought to you by Frugal Dad, helping America be a little less fat and a bit more healthy by providing these fast food facts and information in an easy to digest graphical form.