History of File Sharing

June 18, 2012 |  by  |  Internet, Technology

Yousendit now has over 30 million registered users in almost 200 countries, is utilized by almost all Fortune 500 Companies, and is growing at a rate of almost 3 billion users per month…

But have you ever wondered how the business of large file sharing ever got this far?

Beginning in 1972, two decades before the Internet as we know it today, the first File Transfer Protocol (FTP) was introduced, and was followed shortly after by the first bulletin board. From there, the evolution of file sharing made its way through project names such as Kermit (yes, after the frog), Archie and Gopher before the modern efforts of Yousendit began helping to pioneer the cloud computing concept in 2003. Since then, Yousendit has forged ahead with its innovative dropbox service in 2008 enabling large file transfers via embedded website applications, and in 2012 introducing its enterprising Workstream product line offering B2B content collaboration.


Infographic provided by YouSendIt.com: File Sharing