Be Healthier & Greener by Biking

December 30, 2011 |  by  |  Environmental, Health

Kill two big birds with one stone. Start biking more often for better health and for a a better, greener world. We love our cars in America and rightly so, we love to drive as can be witnessed by the large number of car lots and used engines you see online. I love to drive, but driving a little less and biking a little more is s great way to be healthier and to also start taking better care of our planet and environment. This biking infographic helps spell out the obvious advantages to becoming a more bike-friendly society.


Portland leads the United States in bike ridership and 6%, something other towns and cities in the United States should start emulating to reduce our fuel consumption and our waistlines. Bikes are a healthy and green way to travel and this infographic spells that out clearly.