544,000 Trees Could Be Saved

March 6, 2012 |  by  |  Environmental

Infographic by TheNewEcologist.com

Paper Recycling Reduces Pollution

There are lots of ways in which paper cycling reduces pollution. In fact, there’s a whole chain of events which occurs when you do not recycle. By not recycling, you trigger the chain of events which will be described here. If you have not considered the importance of paper recycling in the past, maybe this will help.

1)    If you recycle, then you use fewer trees. If you don’t recycle, the new materials have to come from somewhere, and that “somewhere” is new growth forestation. If someone has to send logging trucks into forests to cut down trees, then these logging trucks pollute because they burn up a lot of gas and oil. Burning up gas and oil creates pollution. If you can reduce the number of trips these trucks make, then you reduce fossil fuel pollution.

2)    The fewer trips the logging trucks make into the forests, the less they tear up the landscape. Tearing up the landscape makes it more difficult for the topsoil to hold in rainwater, and this allows good topsoil to be carried down the slopes and into rivers. The less good topsoil there is in the forests, the more difficult it is to sustain forest growth. The less there is of sustainable forest growth, the more the cost of paper increases. Additionally, the less there is of sustainable forest growth, the less there is of green forestation to absorb all the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This is another way that pollution is increased.

3)    You also increase pollution when the logging truck takes the newly-logged tree to the paper mill.

4)    Another way that pollution is increased when paper is not recycled is that converting a tree into paper pulp takes more energy than taking recyclable paper and reprocessing it into usable paper. Just think about how much work is involved in taking hardwood and breaking it down into cellulose which can be made into paper. Now think about how much less work is involved in taking paper and breaking it down for reuse. All that extra work requires energy, and more energy usage creates more pollution.

We at Conquest Graphics understand the importance of paper recycling. We offer it to our customers and all of our business cards are made from recyclables. Contact us today and we’ll prepare your job using entirely recycled materials, if you like.